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Trust an ASIC software provider! myPtyLtd has a 24/7 direct connection with ASIC, enabling you to register your company online, get ASIC certificate of registration and separate, easy to edit .docx version of all company documents, stress-free, in minutes.

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Register your company with just $49 + $488 ASIC fee (includes GST and all merchant fees). You get absolutely no hidden costs and no dramas!

Ultra Fast

Instantly after filling in the online registration form, the system will send and lodge your application with ASIC. You will receive a response from ASIC within minutes!

Free PDF Documents

After a successful registration, you will receive via email, for you to download, a full set of company documents, and the ASIC Certificate of Registration.

Premium Support

If you need assistance with the registration of your new company or with how to stay compliant with the Corporations Act, our team is here for you!

ASIC Software Provider #2079

We have built the integration with the ASIC from scratch, to optimise your application lodgement and delivery times and make them available 24/7

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We can help you with your annual review, solvency resolution, addresses and structure changes, all for just $99 per year (down from $250).

Ready to register a company in less than 5 minutes?

For a company with a standard and simple structure, you can finalise the form in less than 2 minutes. After the payment is confirmed, our platform will automatically submit your application to ASIC 24/7, an electronic equivalent of the 201 form, and usually in less than 5 minutes (if your application doesn’t trigger a manual review), the company will be registered and we will send you the links for your certificate of registration and company documents.

We are ASIC software provider and ASIC registered agent, and our systems are fully integrated with ASIC via EDGE. We’re passionate about everything that we do and we guarantee you that we will do our best to get an outstanding quality of service 24/7. Start your new business today with myPtyLtd!

Here’s the information you’ll need

When registering a company you will need some critical information available. Here is a quick look at what you will need in the process of registration of a new company.

  • Your company name – Our system will check if the company name is available
  • Registered office – the legal addresses for your company
  • Principal place of business – the addresses where the business is primarily conducted and or decisions are made
  • Director(s) information – name, date of birth, residential address
  • Shareholder(s) information – full name / company name, residential address
  • Share structure(s) – numbers of shares held, shares type, value of shares, etc

You will get ACN, Certificate of Registration, provided by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) and a summary of your initial company data in minutes. All the documents are received electronically. If you prefer to have all your company documents printed and delivered to you, please choose our printed documents add-on in the last step of the form.

Register Company
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For just $537 with absolutely no hidden fees!
(including ASIC fees, service fee, GST and merchant fees)